At less than 1oz and only 1 inch long, the Überleben Leicht Necklace is the lightest and smallest firestarter you’ll ever see, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in functionality and power.

The clean and simple construction of this neat survival tool makes it ideal for carrying it comfortably around your neck at all times. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, BBQ, and other outdoor shenanigans, the Leicht includes a mini ferrocerium rod that lasts up to 12,000 strikes, a serrated ring scraper, and 34″ of mil-spec 550 paracord lanyard. It can ignite a 5,500º F shower of sparks at any altitude and in any weather condition, be it rain, shine, snow, or fallout. Having this little guy always on you means you’ll never forget to pack your firestarter ever again.

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