Get ready to live off the grid in this 4WD camping trailer styled after the deluxe Mercedes Benz Unimog. The EX 435 Adventure Mobile is equipped with comfortable and modern amenities that make it completely self-sufficient.

The Ex 435 has the same 170 kW/231 hp engine, 664 lb/ft of torque, and 4WD configuration as the (even) more expensive Unimog. The vehicle is compact from the outside, but the inside boasts a spacious cabin with a kitchenette, dinette, a gear storage area, a closet, and a bathroom. The interior is covered by water resistant plywood, so it resembles an actual cabin than a vehicle. The cabin area is highly space efficient. The bed mattress can be raised and stored when not in use to enjoy extra space inside.

The EX 435 is outfitted with various off-road facilities, like a 300L freshwater tank and a 100L wastewater tank. The vehicle also sports a ruggedly awesome look that only highlights the luxury survival experience it promises.

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