Yamaha is set to unleash a real monster onto the roads with their new 3-wheeled Niken motorcycle. Officially labeled a “Leaning Multi-Wheeler” (LMW), the 2018 Yamaha Niken is the direct result of Yamaha’s 2015 MWT-9 3-wheeler concept.

Sporting two 15″ wheels up front, braced by dual-tube upside-down forks, the Yamaha Niken should make cornering firm and responsive due to the unprecedented front-end suspension mechanism. While Yamaha has yet to share engine specifics, they have let it be known that the Niken will be powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC four-valve inline triple cylinder fuel injected engine, probably similar to the ones running Yamaha’s super-successful MT-09-847cc bikes.

It is hoped that the Niken will appeal to the urban market as a powerful, yet agile, commuter. While the exact release date is still a secret, promotional material suggests it to be sometime in 2018. They have promised more details at the EICMA Milan, Italy Motorcycle¬†Show on November 6th when the ‘Beast’ will be fully exposed.

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