At first sight, you might mistake it for a Bentley or even a Rolls Royce, but the ultra-luxurious sedan you see here is neither of those. Boasting a fresh redesign for the first time in the last 21 years, the 2018 Toyota Century is a gorgeous display of craftsmanship worthy of a Japanese emperor.

The elegant saloon sports a new Kamui black paintwork–a seven-layer clear coating job which is sanded and then polished for an impeccable mirror finish that’s free of any dullness or cloudiness.

Maintaining its timeless charm, the third-generation Century sports stronger lines throughout with a bolder front-end highlighted by a large grille adorned with a phoenix emblem that takes a whopping six-week period to be hand-engraved.

Inside, the all-important occupants can enjoy more room and luxurious comfort with such amenities as power leg rests, seat massage functions, wood trims & exclusive fabrics, and an 11.6-in central entertainment display connected to a 20-speaker (12-channel amp) advanced audio system.

As for power, the monumental vehicle draws it from a 5.0L V8 425-hp hybrid engine that’s said to deliver a quiet, smooth ride helped in part by an electronically-controlled air suspension and active noise cancellation. The only bad news? The new Toyota Century is exclusively available on the Japanese market.

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