Tech companies regularly make announcements regarding its annual product lineup refresh to keep things interesting. These items are usually reworked to include the latest upgrades and new gimmicks. Hopefully, it will encourage consumers to take the plunge yet again for another cycle. Amazon recently unveiled its newest update for its popular range of smart speakers. One of those, the 2018 Amazon Echo Plus, flaunts a built-in smart home hub that unlocks even more options for wireless connectivity with more products.

As of now, it’s pretty obvious that the online retail giant is ahead of the smart speaker game. Google trails closely with its own lineup of devices, while Apple and Samsung are in dead last with one product each. The availability of Alexa is so widespread that almost every smart home device available on the market is compatible with Echo devices.

The 2018 Amazon Echo Plus integrates a Zigbee hub to communicate with even more products compared to its predecessor. Its advanced speaker configuration touts Dolby audio-enhancement technology to deliver crisp and clear sound. You will likewise notice that it underwent a dramatic size reduction compared to the first-generation unit. Furthermore, the top and bottom of the smart speaker sport contoured edges that make it look stylish yet discreet. It comes in three colors: Heather Gray, Sandstone, and Charcoal.

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