As smartphones developed, we came to a certain generational stage of technology where their photo and video shooting quality is on par with professional cameras.

Only one piece of the puzzle is missing – recording shots there are not jerky and awkward but smooth and cinematic. This is where the Movi iPhone Gimbal comes in. Developed by Freefly, known for their professional and expensive setups used on movie sets and TV shows, the Movi brings that uncompromising recording quality to anyone who has an iPhone.

Thanks to its sophisticated motors, the backbone of the system – the iOS app – has a multitude of modes which allows you to shoot perfectly stabilized scenes, automatically pan from object to object, stay focused on one object while you circle around it, and record either mobile or stationary time-lapse footage. You can even rotate the camera horizontally to get a wider view of the scene.

As you can surmise, the cinematic combinations are endless, especially when coupled with a drone. Needless to say, the gimbal offers Bluetooth link to your iPhone, and can be equipped with most add-on lenses.

Preorder From Freefly $299