This classic 1967 VW Bus has been converted into a quirky homage to the iconic DeLorean time machine car.

Besides the sleek grey and silver color scheme, the ‘Back to the Future’ VW Bus has been outfitted with DeLorean style gullwing doors. Inside, the bus has been redone in a “quiet” orange and yellow color combination. The rear seats are placed for viewing the TV also installed in the back. To maintain the futuristic motif, there are a number of details tucked discretely throughout including blue light tubes coiled around the engine.

In keeping with the film’s technology, the interior also comes with a representative ‘flux capacitor’ and time machine console. While this off-the-wall, totally restored bus may not take you back in time (maybe?), it should still provide quite a good time for its new owner, whenever he is from.

Buy From Velocity Motorcars $89,995