All good things, some say, must come to an end, and thus it seems after nearly 40 years, it’s time for the mighty AMG G-Class to say farewell. But they are definitely ending the series on a high note. The ultra-limited Mercedes-AMG G65 Final Edition luxury all-terrain vehicle is ready to be released.

There is the time-proven AMG 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 under the hood, producing a massive 630-hp thrust making 738 lb. ft. of torque, hitting 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and maxing at 140 mph. It is more the exterior that displays the Final Edition’s dignified motif of black with bronze highlights. Bronze surrounds the iconic black grill, while the 21-inch twin-spoke alloy bronze wheels accent the body and the tires.

Bronze also touches the under-guard, bumpers, and the mirrors. Inside there is -you guessed it- bronze stitching on the black Nappa leather and carbon fiber trim. The AMG G65 Final Edition will consist of only 65 vehicles worldwide, and they’re probably all spoken for by now.

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