Improving on their already successful Bebop Camera Drone, wireless technology manufacturer Parrot has really put the ‘power’ into their new Bebop 2 Power.

Offering what they call “the best battery life on the market for a drone in its category”, the Bebop 2 Power comes with two 3,350 mAh batteries, each providing about 30 min of flight. A new FreeFlight Pro iOS/Android app puts the flight controls on a smartphone or tablet. The quadricopter can also fly with dual joysticks or to really put you in the pilot’s chair, the Cockpitglasses 2 goggles, compatible with smartphones up to 6″, gives a 96-degree field of view with flight information displayed in a heads-up style.

The camera has a 14 MP CMOS sensor giving 30 fps HD video or can take stills through a wide-angle lens and carries 8 GB of internal storage. There are preprogrammed flight paths, visual recognition for ‘follow me’ performance and GPS positioning. Besides the regular aerial mode, this little guy also has a sport mode that can push the drone up to a zippy 40 mph (65 km/h).

Buy From Parrot $599