Wacaco Co. Ltd. knows that the only thing better than a good espresso is getting that coffee shot wherever and whenever the urge strikes! They have just freed up that urge with their Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Maker.

Made of BPA-free food grade plastic, the NS is just under 8″ long, it is 3″ in diameter, and weighs just 8/10ths of a pound. The hand-operated device only requires hot water and a Nespresso capsule to make your coffee anywhere – no cords or batteries to limit your range. Just insert the capsule, add 2.35 oz (70ml) of hot water, and pump the button on the side to produce up to 116 psi of pressure: plenty enough for making your espresso on the spot.

Besides being very easy to clean, the NS is great for camping, traveling, or for an office pick-me-up. The lightweight, compact design provides a quick and efficient way to keep your espresso fix close at hand for some near-instant gratification.

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