Situated on the banks of the Colorado River’s Lake Austin outside Austin, Texas, this award-winning home designed by A Parallel Architecture is a sprawling 3,000 square foot example of lakeside comfort. Featuring a balanced combination of open glassy areas and heavy limestone masses around its exposed steel structural system under floating roofs, the Lake Austin Residence offers both solidity and transparency that blends in with the landscape dominated by mature cypress, sycamore, and pecan trees.

The soft palette of oak, mahogany, and cedar woods in the interior provide a warm harmony with the southern climate of the area. The well-glazed public areas allow an openness that gives access to both interior and exterior views.

The Lake Austin Residence also offers such lake front amenities as a sand beach, large boat dock, and a fishing pier while still providing waste treatment and water collection along with a geothermal climate control system. Winner of the 2017 A1A Austin Design Award together with The Blue Lake Retreat among others.

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