Jaguar knows that electric cars are the future which is why they have committed to making exclusively electric cars from 2020 on. But, just because it may be cutting-edge technology, that doesn’t mean it can’t look like a classic blast from the past.

Just put on display in London, the all electric Jaguar E-Type Zero ($TBA) has been based on the beautiful 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster. Yes, it is lighter than its original inspiration. Fifty years have provided stronger, lighter materials along with such energy-efficient items as LED lights and digital readouts in the instrumentation cluster. The electric powertrain produces up to 220kW that can push the Jaguar E-Type Zero from 0-62 in just 5.5 seconds and offers a 170-mile range per charge.

The E-Type Zero isn’t quite a concept as it is really more an expression in electrifying a preexisting model. But demonstrating how well the old and the new can blend shows that neither style nor performance need to be sacrificed by turning away from petroleum.