Citroën has announced plans to introduce their newest camper van concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. Done in partnership with Australia’s sportswear giant Rip Curl, the Citroën SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept Van ($NA) is a compact 4-wheel drive conversion.

The SpaceTourer is full-featured with a kitchenette complete with gas stove, shower, sink, refrigerator, weather station, and an under vehicle safe for protecting your valuables and devices when you are out on the trail.

The SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept is powered by a 148 hp (110 kW) BlueHDi 150 S&S, turbocharged and intercooled 2-liter diesel engine. The cockpit features a Heads-up Display, Activity Safe Brake, Mirror Screen system, and all new Citroën Connect Navigation. With the top raised, the SpaceTourer provides a feeling of open space. It seats seven in transport mode and can sleep up to four people in two double beds at night. The practical setup inside will make this a very easy camper van to get comfortable in.