For those who need to measure the length of objects on a daily basis, a traditional tape measure device can be awkward. The Work of Mind Inc. has developed a small, rugged tool for making accurate measurements that can fit in your pocket or on your key chain. The Rollbe Super Compact Measuring Tool ($18) is a round piece of stainless steel attached to a brass handle. Unlike tape measures that require holding one end and running out the total length, the Rollbe rolls like a wheel over the surface to be measured.

Rollbe comes in two sizes. The pocket version is 4″ in circumference with a 5/8″ radius and the large Rollbe is 8″ around and 1-1/4″ across. Both have laser engraved markings in both Metric and Imperial measurements and both come with a flat, fitted leather storage pouch. The edge of the Rollbe is knurled like a coin to eliminate slippage while measuring and provide safety & comfort for the hand. While it does require that little bit of math to add the revolutions for your result, the ease and convenience of the Rollbe will soon make it an indispensable favorite.