England’s Sven Cycles are masters at creating bicycles based on the classic British style – even winning the 2014 award for best bespoken Touring Bicycle. Such expertise drew the attention of a local Dorset chef who commissioned them to build him a very exclusive bike. The Forager ($Inquire) is designed for the express purpose of traveling cross-country as the rider forages the landscape for natural foods and to carry the equipment needed to cook it outdoors as well.

The bike is based on a 1930’s cross-frame design with inspiration from Land Rover’s Defender right down to the Ascot Bronze Green paint. While still the same size as a standard bike, the Forager is accoutered with a locally woven front basket, waxed cotton frame bags, and a wire basket in the rear. The front wheel uses a UK-made Loopwheel for extra control over the ground when loaded. It also has a dynamo front hub that powers the lights and the USB charger on the stem cap.

Tucked within the Forager’s baskets and bags are a wire fire-pit BBQ grill, pots and pans, pine fiber plates and utensils, stainless steel water bottle and thermos, chopping board, various knives, and a hip flask – all the gear you need for a successful picnic for two.