Designed and manufactured by Australians for anyone who needs a multitude of rugged camping tools without the bulk, the Adventure Mate 5-in-1 Camping Tool ($149-$169) makes wilderness adventuring much easier. The multi-tool is made of AS1442-2007 carbon rolled steel with minimum 5% Chromium grade 1045 for superior corrosion resistance.

The Adventure Mate has a rugged convex blade chopping edge with an inbuilt nail puller and a 1″ hammer head on the back side. It fits into a slot in the handle and locks in place with pins. Remove the hatchet head and you can replace it with the pointed spade head that fastens equally well on the handle. Inside the handle is the 6.7″ fine, needle tooth saw blade. On the end is a sturdy hook that is great for pulling tent stakes, lifting a pot or grill from the fire, or opening a cold brew. The hatchet blade has a leather cover and the whole thing fits into a heavy-duty, lined canvas carry case with belt loop. It weighs about 3.5 lbs. and comes in two colors. The Regular has a black stonewashed finish and the Premium is a polished silver color.

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