In their 17 year-existence, Tvan has become an industry leader in off-road campers, improving their award-winning rigs with each iteration. While the new Tvan Mk5 Camper Trailer ($Inquire) may look very similar to earlier models, its many new features show it to be the best Tvan yet.

Lighter than previous models, while still providing improved stability in off-road conditions, the Mk5 features a cloth-lined hard shell housing a queen-sized mattress/bed with a large storage area under it. Large tinted windows with magnetized curtains allow for plenty of daylight to protrude while offering privacy at night. There is also more headroom inside and a rear deck with integrated support, plus an expanding tent with a hard floor. Since the tent folds up into the hatch there is never any wet or dirty canvas on the bed which stays ready for use and dry. The trailer also provides a free standing, one-person setup awning that takes only two minutes to be in place.

There are two kitchen options, LED lighting, and an improved sound system, plus a bunch of customization options, so you can easily make your next adventure one of the most comfortable you have experienced. Details in the video. [via]