Lithium Cycles had no idea just how popular their new minimalist e-bike, the Super 73 would become. Despite a hefty $3K price tag the electric pedal-assist bike that somewhat resembles a motorcycle started showing up nationwide. With an eye to expanding this booming market for personal electric vehicles, they have developed a slightly smaller & less expensive version.

The Super 73 Scout e-Bike ($995+) is not as powerful as its predecessor, but its 500-watt motor still offers a 40-mile pedal-assist range and a top speed of 20 mph. This new cruiser has the same minimalist frame and fat tires of the original along with a very bright headlight and a removable battery that sits in front of the comfortable cushion seat. There are disc brakes on both wheels.

Since states have varying regulations about e-bikes like the Super 73 Scout, it is recommended you investigate possible licensing requirements before purchasing. Also, keep in mind that this rugged ride is heavier than a regular e-bike so packing it into the home or office is not an option.