Boss has just solved the problem solo acoustic musicians have with finding an adequate percussion machine. Their new DR-01S Rhythm Partner ($330) was designed specifically to compliment acoustic players whether it be guitar, piano, violin, voice, or other non-electric instruments. It provides a more organic sound to its percussion and simpler beats and patterns.

This portable beat maker has an attractive all-in-one design and integrated sound system. The very user-friendly control interface provides up to 7 simultaneous instrument categories as well as full drums, sound effects, and a metronome. You have the ability to save 50 favorite combinations for quick reference and consistency. The Rhythm Partner can be controlled by foot switches for hands-free play, while a line-out & aux-in plugs let you connect to external devices.

The DR-01S Rhythm Partner is mobile with 6xAA batteries providing about 10 hours of play and it also includes an AC adapter. This acoustic boom box should make the next gig go down more like a mini-concert. See it in action in the video below.