Despite the recent glut of electric 2-wheelers hitting the market, the Avionics V1 Electric Bicycle ($TBA) stands out from the crowd both for its minimalistic retro look and its solid 5,000-watt brushless DC engine. Packing a 24Ah lithium-ion battery pack, the V1 also has three lower power settings to keep it street legal.

Rather than just adding an electric motor to an average bike, Avionics has designed the V1 to be a unique experience. Accenting the deep matte black steel frame, the battery pack, saddle, grips, headlight enclosure, and part of the front forks are made of Jatoba wood – a beautiful and exceptionally stiff, strong material.

This low-slung bike is capable of a 75-mile range on a single charge while in street mode and tops out at about 35 mph. 203mm Hayes MX Expert disc brakes front and back provide the stopping power. Available for pre-orders starting this coming September.