Men’s fashion accessory concern Discommon Goods has had great success with their collaboration with James Brand Knives. Their limited edition Swell folding pocket knife has been so well received that they are reissuing another limited edition run of this sleek EDC carry tool, this time in all black.

The Swell Knife Black + Black ($380) is a drop-point design with a hand-rubbed satin finish, and features a 2.3″ D2 steel blade and a right-handed, tip-down orientation. But what makes the Swell special is the intricate scaling done on the 6AL 4V Titanium and aircraft-grade 6061 anodized Aluminum handle. The rippled texture on the handle is representative of the surface of an ocean wave while the smooth back represents the calm after the storm. This provides both an interesting tactile feel and improved grip. With the success and quick sellout of the silver version of the Swell, don’t expect this limited edition black beauty to hang around any longer than the first set.