As fun as camping in the Great Outdoors can be, it is not without its upfront investments of a tent, camping gear, and sleeping bags before having to choose a campsite, either in a public park or undeveloped free-site. Tentrr founder Michael D’Agostino is changing all that and making it simple to enjoy the best outdoor camping has to offer.

Described as Airbnb for camping, Tentrr is developing a network of private landowners with interesting places to share. Once a site is approved, Tentrr builds a campsite consisting of a 10’x12′ canvas safari-type tent on a large wooden deck then adds an inflatable queen sized air mattress, two Adirondack chairs, fire pit with grill, cookware, sun shower, and a portable camp toilet.

Upon arrival all the camper needs to do is unload their food and beverages and start relaxing. There are currently 50 sites in Upstate New York with more being approved nationwide weekly. At just $144 per night, the Tentrr campsite rentals are the best and quickest way to get outside and enjoy without having to pack in, set up, and then carry out the things that make camping a vacation rather than more work.