Hot on the heels of last year’s release of two curved panel monitors featuring their Quantum Dot technology, Samsung has unleashed a new screen that is designed to make immersive gaming an amazing experience.

The Samsung CHG90 Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor ($1,500) carries its double full HD resolution across a 49″ curved screen that provides a 3,840p x 1080p, 32:9 aspect ratio. Using four channel scanning and AMD’s Radeon FreeSync2 technology, the screen provides a 178° viewing angle that syncs the GPU and refreshes rates to do away with motion blur and tearing with a 1 ms response time a & 144 Hz refresh rate.

Connectivity across multiple gaming platforms is assured with two HDMI ports, a display & mini display port, USB 3.0, an audio input & headphone output jacks. Color reproduction uses big screen TV HDR image enhancement and EA studio Dice & Ghost Games technology to provide an unparalleled picture quality.