When architect Elizabeth Herrmann was commissioned to create a “beautiful, tiny, energy-efficient home”, she took up the challenge to make a small house that contained all the necessary elements of a full-sized dwelling without it feeling like a claustrophobic box.

Working with a total footprint of only 430 square feet, the Micro House succeeded in containing a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom with tub, utility table for eating and working, a living area, storage cabinets, and laundry room/equipment storage. To eliminate the cube look, two corners were inset, one to produce an entrance porch and the other defining the sleeping loft. The light colored walls are defined with horizontal and vertical window shapes that also add to the home’s beauty by framing the surrounding scenery which includes a spectacular view of Green Mountain’s Camel’s Hump peak.

With the laundry room relegated to the basement, the interior still maintains transitional spaces between areas to create a sense of spaciousness. As with any successful small design, everything has its place and the materials were chosen for simplicity and durability. Ultimately the Micro House gives the feel of a much larger structure and a level of completeness hard to find in most small dwellings.