Cycop has just presented a newer, improved version of their popular BiTool Magnetic Multi-tool! This slim multi-bit everyday carry screwdriver device has been given even more functionality.

The BiTool 2.0 Lit ($42) is now more compact, with a lighter shaft and stronger magnets inside and out. The 180-degree rotation ratchet head holds the selected bit firmly as it pivots into hard to reach areas. The lower end uses strong neodymium magnets to let the BiTool pick up scattered screws and to hold them ready. Inside, the BiTool’s ten bits are held in place on a silicon internal cylinder for quick selection and change-out.

But the star feature of the Cycop BiTool 2.0 Lit is the powerful magnetically attached flashlight that fits on the end of the shaft. The concave button on the light prevents it from being accidentally turned on and to select several modes of operation. The flashlight end comes in multiple color choices.