Discommon Goods are dedicated to helping designers realize some of their wildest and most interesting concepts. They have produced straight razors, a watch wallet, and even a Ferrari piston keychain. They also created a machined aluminum whiskey tumbler so popular it sold out in days.

Now as a sequel to that fantastic container, they have released the Discommon Goods Lowball 2 and named it ‘The Pinch’ ($280) in honor of its shape that is pinched to sit ergonomically regardless of how you hold it.

Made of CNC aerospace grade aluminum the Lowball 2 snifter has an hourglass-shaped inner chamber that allows savoring the aroma of the drink just before it hits your lips. The inside also has an inert coating to prevent contamination of your drink, while the outer surface features a chiseled texture that not only looks snazzy but also aids in holding the glass firmly.

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