Looking like a somewhat truncated straight razor, Jho Knives’ latest offering embraces the square lines and simple friction-free opening of the old-time shaving instruments. The classy GS1, the “Gentleman Slasher”($260) is all straight lines and sharp angles.

With a 2-2/3″ squarish blade made of CPM S35VN Steel and a 4 mm-thick shaft narrowing down along the full distance of the side, this cool pocket knife has a 3-3/4″ titanium handle that’s equally angular and almost completely conceals the blade when folded in. As an everyday carry blade, the GS1 is a convenient, small utility knife that will serve many purposes throughout the day.

This minimalist piece is only being given a limited production and of the four colorways, black, gray, blackout, and bronze; the blackout and bronze are already sold out. The Gentleman Slasher comes with its own case, key-chain-sized T6 and T8 screwdrivers, and two extra Teflon washers. Made by the same talented folks that brought us the best quality card blade on the market, the LINX.