Italian leather is considered to be the best in the world, and the steep price you pay for it reflects that. Sold directly to the consumer, the Grand Frank Italian Suede Bomber Jackets ($260) challenge the traditional fashion industry, offering luxurious attire that’s also affordable.

Using fine leather from a small factory in Naples, Italy, Grand Frank has just added two classically styled bomber jackets to their line of superior quality men’s wear. The Limoges model sports a classic collar, two magnetically closed chest pockets, and two inner pockets, while the Marloes has the flat bomber collar, dual front zipper, outer sliding side pockets, and the same two inner pockets. The leather for both jackets, unlike most suede, is specially treated to resist water and staining.

With the emphasis on casual/formal style these cool jackets come in six colors to help you feel good in whatever situation you find yourself; and at a third of the cost of the haberdashery.