Guinness Brewery has just wowed the taste buds of devoted drinkers of the golden nectar with a prime brew, the Guinness Irish Wheat Beer. While it was the German brewer Jasmin Winterer who invented it based on traditional methods, this is Guinness, and this fine beer uses only Irish ingredients. The wheat, for example, was grown in inland Ireland while yeast and water were locally sourced. The featured hops are Mount Hood & Amarillo with a double dose of Irish Wheat and Stout Malts.

This light golden colored brew has been developed especially for the Summer months and is made for the warmth, but don’t mistake Irish Wheat’s 5.3 ABV for a ‘lawnmower’ beer. Tasting notes on this new Guinness brew call for zesty citrus with a subtle clove, and a trace of bananas. It is a limited time seasonal which will be offered nation-wide in the United States exclusively in 11.2 oz. 6-packs at a MSRP of $9.99. Here’s to beer!