It was seventy years ago when Flaminio Bertoni unveiled what was to become an iconic vehicle, the Citroën Type HY van. To celebrate the anniversary of that historic release, Citroën has worked in collaboration with Fabrizio Caselanin and designer David Obendorfer to create a kit specially made to convert a Citroën Jumper chassis into the Type H 70th Anniversary Van ($TBA).

Production will be by FC Automobili and is being limited to only 70 kits exclusively sold throughout Italy. The kit is an expression of the old Type H but with the corrugated side sheets, the prominent grill and the round, bug-eyed headlights, there is no doubt of the influence. Besides, automobile technology has advanced tremendously in the intervening seventy years, so safer and more modern parts and systems of the current Jumper series keep the Type H 70th Anniversary Van rolling along through years of faithful service.