Regardless of the machismo points available to brute it through on a 1950’s Vincent motorcycle, the regrettably poor handling of such a fast and powerful machine needed to be addressed. Revising the spine-like frame using tubular members, Swiss chassis engineer Fritz Egli welded a lack of rigidity into a structure that could take anything the big V-twin engine could dish out. Once perfecting the reworking that improved the handling of the Vincent, Igli went on to produce about 100 machines with that classic Egli-Vincent look before passing the torch, and design, to French craftsman Patrick Godet.

The entirely handcrafted and incredibly rare 1968 Egli-Vincent 1330 Café Racer by Godet ($Auction) shown here is a former Black Shadow. Magnesium has been used in the cases and cylinders to boost the 998cc up to 1,330cc for a tally of 111 horsepower. The frame is nickel-plated over an aluminum seat, fenders, and fuel tank. Other details include Fontana brakes front & rear, electric starter, electronic ignition, stainless steel muffler, and a new four-speed gearbox with a multi-disc clutch. Think you can handle this beautiful, 378-pound beast? Get in on the auction on May 27, 2017 and set aside around $75K. [via]