Often when someone tries to make a power tool serve multiple functions something is lost in the transition from one to the other. That is not the case, however, with the newest tool from WORX. Their 20V combination cordless reciprocating and jig saw manages both tasks equally well.

The WORX Axis Saw ($99) uses a pivoting head to switch modes at the touch of a button. As a reciprocating saw it is light enough (just 4.2 lbs.) to maneuver indoors or out and overhead if pruning trees. With the press of the button the head swivels down against the frame of the saw to make a firm, hand-held jig saw.

As well as the motor being placed on the side to allow the motor and gearing to rotate together for a smoother cut, the WORX Axis saw also has a built-in blower by the blade to keep dust and debris from obscuring the cut line. The saw uses standard reciprocating and T-shank jig saw blades and the 20V MaxLithium POWERSHARE battery is compatible with all other WORX 20V power tools.

With as many uses as these types of saws can be put to, it is both smart and efficient to have such a tool around for any project you have to tackle.