Electric skateboards are not new items but they do tend to be limited to fairly even surfaces. Luckily, Bajaboard G4 ($3,300) has taken the electric board to a whole new off-road level.

With an aluminum independent double-wishbone suspension system and aircraft grade aluminum backbone over a maplewood deck, the Bajaboard G4 uses four adjustable 60mm travel shocks to smooth the ride, while the 10″ pneumatic tires can cruise you over rocks and gravel as big as tennis balls. The G4 has four 63mm brushless DC high torque motors, two on each end, with a 4:1 ratio belt drive transmission, and a wireless hand controller.

With a top speed of 31 mph and an 18-22 mile range, the board can still climb a 30-degree grade with a maximum 200-pound load. Other advantages include the ability to turn two of the motors off and use it as a drive board for up to a 15% greater range. The Bajaboard G4 lets you scoff at the types of rough terrain that formerly left you stuck on a street or trail.