Just announced, SUAVS are now coming in a lace-up variation while still maintaining foot health and comfort. The SUAVS Zilker Sneakers ($55) incorporate all that made the original shoe so good, with the addition of new and improved features to give that barefoot feeling to your walk. The breathable material and moisture wicking insoles of the Zilker make it excellent for wearing with naked feet.

This every day sneaker is a minimalist design that only carries linings in necessary places like the heel and around the laces. The soles are made of 55% low-density rubber for better flexibility and security on the feet. Another big feature of the Zilker is the new polyfoam, microfiber insole which is very lightweight and absorbent, wicking sweat away from the skin for greater comfort. Both the removable insoles and the shoes themselves are fully washable so that you can experience that fresh shoe feeling time and again.