Moto Guzzi has been producing motorcycles continuously since 1921, providing reliable machines that stood as a base for so many customized builds. The latest and one of the finest examples we’ve seen comes from Estonia. Enter the badass Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle ($NA).

The Renard GT is a luxury bike with all the precise handling of a racer. Integral to this maneuverability is the light composite unibody that melds the frame, gas tank, air box, and gondolas into one structure. Adding to the sleek grace of the 2-wheeler is the featherweight carbon fiber monocoque, reinforced with kevlar, that adds even more cross-section strength for precision turning.

The Renard GT features Moto Guzzi’s V2 quattrovalvole engine which still offers complete control even at low revolutions. But when you let it loose, the GT is capable of 125 horsepower at 8.000 rpm and won’t top out until you are traveling a blazing 140 mph.