Inheriting a large part of the uncultivatable land on his family farm in the Centre-du-Québec region of the St. Lawrence lowlands, the owner decided that the best use for his inheritance would be to build a secluded home that glorified the beautiful woodlands there. So, he engaged Canadian architect Pierre Thibault to take on the project.

Called Les Abouts (The Far End), what grew among the glade among the trees and beside a small stream was a two area design that gave one long section floor to high ceiling windows, and a light roof to immerse the inhabitant in the surrounding woodland views. The house includes a master bedroom, kitchen, two baths, and a screened-in room at the far end, which extends the outdoor pleasure.

Adjacent to this private area, is the two story annex and more public space. The owner is an art collector and this space is used to display his acquisitions. A guest Bedroom and a library seem to be hung suspended in space as they are surrounded by a glass walkway around the sides. The remote location only enhances this quiet retreat even a decade after its creation.