Triple Aught Designs is making it very clear that just because a jacket is designated for the field, does not mean it cannot maintain a simple and elegant urban charm. Their new Sentinel Field Jacket ($400) takes that classic design and makes it a thing of beauty for any wearing conditions.

The Sentinel Field Jacket incorporates Ventile as its outer shell. This ultra-high quality, tightly woven cotton fabric developed at the Shirley Institute in Manchester, England makes use of the natural swelling properties of the cloth to provide its waterproofing, rather than it being coated with a laminate.

With its inset chest pockets, the Sentinel Field Jacket very nearly passes itself off as a traditional English driving coat. Both the exterior and the interior chest pockets are provided with weather-proof zippers for safety and security. There are two large flap closure front pockets and two zippered front hand pockets as well. Even better, the adjustable cuffs and a locking waist cinch ensure the jacket will always look like a custom fit. [via]