Future Motion out of Santa Cruz, California, dedicated themselves to creating exciting, advanced personal vehicles. An upgraded version of the Onewheel – their first self-balancing electric skateboard, the Onewheel+ ($1,500) turns all your land-surfing dreams into reality.

Using a more powerful, brushless Hypercore motor for “smooth power and torque to climb over anything,” the Onewheel+ can range between 5-7 miles per charge at speeds of up to 19 mph and, with the “UltraCharger” it takes only 20 minutes to have you fully juiced-up and ready to go again. The hardwood footpad is also improved for comfort and more precise control, boasting a raised nose & tail, while smart LEDs switch between headlights/taillights function automatically when you change direction. Riding is still done by leaning forward or backward, without the need of any remote, so you can fully indulge into the snowboard-like experience. Drops March 2017.