Having a lakeside cabin is one of the greatest dreams a man can have and Salmela Architects out of Minnesota have created a splendid dream on the shores of Lake Vermilion in the North of that State, dubbed the Hyytinen Cabin.

The house is set on two floors that are set perpendicular to each other, the Eastern end of the top floor being fully glazed to provide immersive views of the lake. The first floor – skirted by a full-length wooden deck, facing toward the boathouse on the shore – contains the master bedroom, kitchen, and large social room while the second level holds two guest rooms, one of which is cantilevered over the terrace and front entryway.

With an interior made from locally-sourced basswood, an exterior clad in Western Red Cedar, and walkway, steps, and walls made of local stone, the Hyytinen Cabin is as authentic as it gets.