The name heading the lists of photographers’ best-loved tabletop tripods multiple times is that of Joby Gorrillapod! These sturdy, flexible tripods use a unique setup to provide superior support for your photo or video device. The joints of the GorillaPod tripod adjust to whatever surface best captures your shot. They can even be wound around a pole or tree as easily as squat upon the ground.

Now Joby is releasing an improved family of GorillaPods to delight photographers, professional or amateur, with even stronger joints. The new ballheads allow up to 90° rotation. There are 13 new sizes and styles, with the smaller sizes to hold delicate phones up to the top-end tripods capable of steadying photographic devices as heavy as 6.6 pounds.

Using Japanese medical-grade plastic, German thermoplastic rubbers, and stainless steel, the 2017 Joby GorillaPods are better than ever at keeping your camera steady even on the go.

Buy from JOBY $25-$180