Kron Technologies is offering on Kickstarter a professional level high-speed imaging camera for about 1/10th of the cost of the average high-speed camera already on the market. The Chronos 1.4 ($2,750) is smaller and lighter but offers similar features including a 1.4 gigapixel-per-second thoughtput at 1280×1024 resolution. Higher frame rates are possible with lower resolution settings which are adjustable via the camera’s onboard hardware.

The camera runs on field-replaceable EN-EL4a batteries for almost 2 hours of filming. The jogwheel makes playback control almost too easy, while the open source software allows multiple image adjustments before saving and supports both C and CS lenses standard. Available in both a color or a monochromatic version, the Chronos 1.4 makes getting into high-speed photography more accessible than ever. See what this baby can do, in the video below.