One can imagine the “Imperial March” from John William’s soundtrack to the”Star Wars” movie blasting from this latest series Sound of Power Extreme Bust Speakers ($2,360). Powerful people who have assertively changed the world we live in are rendered in glossy white marble-like statuary. Each bust holds a mono Bluetooth speaker & built-in bass reflex ports, while the handcrafted wooden stand conceals a 20-watt amplifier. Multiple busts can be arranged for stereophonic effects and all five properly set up create an auditory “sweet spot” of sound.

The latest additions to the series include Colombian drug-lord, Pablo Escobar and reality TV actor for hire, Donald Trump (this one is flying off the shelves!) Earlier powerful people featured in this SOP series include, North Korean totalitarian, Kim Jong-un, Britain’s own Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, and of course the Russian entry is Vladimir Putin. Individually handcrafted in Sweden for SOP, they are each signed and numbered (limited to 100 pieces per model). For both sound and sight these works of art make a compelling addition to your life. Hear the power!