Slovenian luxury bike company Noordung wants to do more than just make innovative bikes, they want to reinvent the ride as well! With their new Angel Edition Electric Bicycle ($8,5K) they have made great strides in doing just that. Limited to just fifteen superb handmade units, this urban commuter features lines that are smooth and rounded so it’s easy on the eyes. Its specs include a Vivax Assist 4.75 drive unit built right into the black carbon fiber frame, Brooks saddle, Shimano parts, and disc brakes front & rear.

The really impressive part of the Angel Edition (besides the price!) is what, at first glance, looks like a motorcycle gas tank. In reality it is a 33.6 V, 450 Wh lithium/ion battery pack that not only charges the electric pedal assist, it also powers the two 20 W RMS Bluetooth speakers. Two USB ports allow you to charge your electrical devices, like a phone or laptop, and it also contains two air-quality sensors that help your commute be less toxic.