JamStack founder Chris Prendergast has just unleashed the latest in digital integration to the world of traveling guitarists. The JamStack Attachable Electric Guitar Amplifier ($140) is much more than just a clipon sound amplifying device, it incorporates your smartphone as well so you can turn your performance up past 11.

At just under 2 pounds the JamStack won’t throw you off-balance and the two 10 W speakers are good at any volume setting. It easily clips onto the strap button and even has a headphone jack for private sessions. Just as a traveling amp, the JamStack is great but that is just the beginning of what it can do.

By slipping your phone into the spring-loaded dock and plugging it in, you can open up an entire studio’s worth of flexibility at your fingertips. Depending on which app you initiate, you can add effects to your play, record your session, or even run volume-balanced backing tracks for a full band sound. With all the advantages this little amplifier give your guitar playing, it’s even better knowing you won’t have to go down to the Crossroads to get it! Details in the video