When a headphone performs more than just sound reproduction is it really still just a headphone? The Sound Smart Headphones by Human ($200) start out uniquely placed to be your outer ear. Cupping the ear and connecting via Wi-Fi, these encapsulating devices are said to offer an unparalleled audio experience.

To provide the most comfortable experience, the Sound cans come in four sizes, each inspired by the different shapes of the human ear. There are multiple playback controls and phone connection on the outer surface of the device, including volume adjustment, play, pause, skip, replay, and accept or deny calls. The headphone even has bio-metric monitoring and sends real-time updates to your phone. It also offers real-time audio translation in 8 different languages! As for usage autonomy, the clever device features a 12 hour battery which recharges via a wireless induction charging pad. Wires are such a thing of the past! Detains in the video.