Prestigious English department store, Harrods was recently honored by a special edition run of seven ‘420S’ automobiles from Caterham (the car manufacturer), and the result is as stylish as one would expect. With each Caterham X Harrods Special Edition Car ($TBA) already bespoken, the options for personalization are nearly infinite. The owner can pretty well write his own ticket for what he wants as the Harrods car can probably be configure for it.

Inside the two-seated cockpit is butterscotch leather upholstery with the Harrods name prominently on the seat back. The arrangement of the instrument panel is among the options the proud possessors may choose from areas, as well as powder-coating the chassis in gold. Custom white and gold pinstripes enhances the Harrods Green on the sleek bodywork. This semi-soft top cruiser will surely be seen touring around the Island as it is quickly changed to match the weather or desire. You can buy yours in a Harrods store, while shopping for luxury socks!