Solo Stove is dedicated to advancing low-footprint camping with their line of compact, efficient & portable camp stoves. The latest and largest from the outdoor gear experts is the Bonfire ($250). With backyard enjoyment in mind as much as deep woods camping, this 14″ tall, 19 1/2″ diameter 304 stainless steel above-ground fire pit incorporates Solo’s specially designed double walled airflow system, which draws air in and warms it before injecting it into the burning chamber.

Below the combustion area the ash pan not only prevents clogging of the air vents but provides a cushion to avoid scorching the ground under the stove so it is safe for porch, patio, or forest floor. The patented vent holes provide a secondary burn to more efficiently utilize the wood fuel, providing less ash and very minimal smoke. The Bonfire comes with a nylon weather-resistant carry bag and weighs only 20 pounds. It provides the ultimate in carry-in-carry-out camping without leaving fire-pit holes behind. Details in the video.