The Buffalo Trace Distillery is a legend in Kentucky, renown as the oldest continuously operated distillery in the country, it even operated during the “Prohibition” making whiskey for medicinal purposes.  With the release of the Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon (~$10K) the company has once again, turned their legendary bourbon into a force for good.

Come November, they are offering up 200 bottles of their finest ultra-aged bourbon to select non-profit organizations free of charge to be used in fund raising events.  Of these bottles, 100 are from 1980, 50 from 1982, and 50 more from 1983, all produced under the direction of Master Distiller, Gary Gayheart.

This bourbon whiskey from Ketnucky is a work of art unto itself but these have an extra touch.  The bottles are lead-free crystal with fluted engraving and individually cut shoulder facets, hand polished, and with copper inlay lettering; fashioned after the early 1900’s O.F.C. decanter.