Grillinator 1

Every BBQ cook agrees that most grill cleaning brushes suck in one or more ways: they either break down quickly, do a bad job at cleaning, or they shed dangerous metal bristles which can get mixed in with your food. Fed up by these flaws, three guys (the Grillin’ & Chillin’ boys) went on to build what they call “the world’s first BBQ grill brush that doesn’t completely suck”. Enter the Grillinator ($35).

Praised to clean efficiently, fast, and for being super-durable, the Grillinator features a stainless steel reinforced shaft that comes with a lifetime guarantee and a replaceable brush head with an innovative design. The head sports multiple rows of dense overlapping bristles that vary in length to clean both the tops and sides of the grill grates. These bristles are fastened with tightly bound metal spindles, making it extremely difficult to get pulled out and get stuck on the grill: no more “bristle balding”. As a plus, the handle has a rubberized grip for safe control, and its hanger doubles as a bottle opener, so you can pop-open & enjoy a cold one, while you’re cleaning your BBQ gear.

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