Air Bonsai Levitating Plants 3

We’re not sure if plants belong to the “cool stuff for guys” category, but these levitating Air Bonsai Trees ($200) definitely pack a certain degree of awesomeness. And the crowd seems to agree; the Kickstarter campaign has already raised 4 times the goal, with 34 days left to go!

Made by Hoshinchu, on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, these floating DIY plant kits are made up of two components: a top half called “little star” and a bottom half – the “energy base”. The mossy little star (also available as a lightweight lava stone pot) is used to hold a little plant of your choice (300 grams max weight), while the porcelain base that conducts magnetic energy will make your vegetable friend float 2cm above, and even spin to create a nice, calming effect. It must be noted that the the plant needs to be watered from time to time (away from the electric base-duh!), so there will be some work involved if you’re planning to keep your Air Bonsai alive for longer than a couple of weeks.

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